Business Units / Unidades de Negocios

Business' units / Unidades de Negocios

СНПЧ А7 Самара, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


Customs Agency


Customs Management (Import, Export and Customs Transit), Advising and Implementation of Operations in Foreign Trade, Procedures before the Foreign Trade Authorities (Enabling, Permissions, Good Views), Free Zone Operations, Tariff Classification, Foreign Trade Advising for assembly of customs figures (UAP, ALTEX, ZF Enabling, Industrial Processing).


National and International Terrestrial Transportation


Land Transportation of cargo: Dry, Liquid, Heavy and Extra-heavy Load, Project Load, Collection and consolidation and load distribution. We offer: Control en route 24 hours throughout the national territory and Insurance Policy to ensure compliance with the legal provisions.


International Freight Forwarding and International Purchasing Agent

International Transport Services (Air, Maritime and Terrestrial), Cargo Management (FCL, LCL and Break Bulk), Cargo Consolidation and Deconsolidation.


Storage and Inventory Management (Free Zone / Logistic Center / CDLI)


Storage and Dispatch, Packaging - Repacking - Labeling, Consolidation, Storage, Picking and Packing, Inventory Management / Cyclic Inventories, Traceability, Photographic Registration at the reception and dispatch of your merchandise, Serialization and WMS


Port Operator and Cargo Mobilization


Machinery: Loading, Unloading and Transfers, Movement of Empty and Full Containers, Mobilization of Liquid, Solid Cargo and General Cargo. Our service includes Operator, Supervision, Technical Advisory and all risk insurance. We operate 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday, with rates for shifts, hours or tons.


Loading Projects and Special Projects


Design and Assembly of Projects focused on the Optimization of the Activities of the Supply Chain. Assembly and Execution of specialized projects in Storage, Warehousing, Inventory Management and Distribution. Execution of Integral Logistics Activities and Specialized Internal Logistics Activities: Packaging, Arrume, Product handling activities, Storage Control and Inventory management activities. Execution of Port Logistics Activities: Download / Load ships with machinery and / or personnel, cabotage, etc. Execution of Maintenance in industrial plants in the different specialties: Metalworking, Mechanics, Electricity, Instrumentation, Heavy Equipment, Automotive Park, Civil Works, including these Scaffolds and Thermal Insulation.



Other Business' units

 At present our Organization has also these Business Units fundamental to offer the best service to all the clients and thus to have the best logistics according to the type of product or merchandise that needs to be mobilized or raised. These units are as follows:

Logistics Coordination of Heavy Freight Transport

This unit is the main focus of our Organization, in which we coordinate services in tractors up to 30 tons, depending on the type of merchandise to be moved. We have several forms of coordination such as Platforms, Plates or Bats, Vans, Bulk Carriers and others. At present we have experience in logistics coordination of Transport and delivery of a great category of products passing from pipelines to fertilizers and raw material of important Companies worldwide.

Logistics Coordination of Light Freight Transport

For this unit our Organization has developed a business focus between the main Metropolitan Areas and other cities, with allied owners of double axle vehicles, 750, 600, NPR, 350 and pick up, for the logistics coordination of transport of products that for their Needs and characteristics need to be transferred from distribution centers to sales points or end customers, our experience in this category refers to a large number of customers.

Logistics Coordination of Extra-Sized Cargo Transport

This is a division that created our organization due to the worldwide requirements and the needs of the market for the transport of goods, which for their special characteristics of Width, Length, Height and Weight, are not common, since they need vehicles and machinery Specialized for their mobilization. For this type of business unit our Organization manages this division operating in routes and equipment suitable for the transfer and reception with experience in all types of Lowboy.

Liaison Logistics Coordination

This is a Division focused on providing the lifting service with Telescopic Cranes and all types of Forklifts from one ton to 1,000 tons. This service is a very important complement to cargo transportation services.

Rental of all types of machinery

 This is a Division focused on providing the rental service of all types of Machinery for Industry and Construction, which satisfies important requirements of our Logistics Coordination customers.

 Unidades de Negocio

 Actualmente nuestra Organizacion cuenta con cinco Unidades de Negocio fundamentales para ofrecer el mejor servicio a todos los clientes y así poder contar con la mejor logística según el tipo de producto o mercancía que se necesite movilizar o izar. Estas unidades son las siguientes:

Coordinación Logística de Transporte de Carga Pesada

Esta unidad es el foco principal de nuestra Organización, en el cual coordinamos servicios en Tractocamiones de hasta 30 toneladas, según el tipo de mercancía que se desee trasladar. Tenemos varias formas de coordinación como por ejemplo en Plataformas, planchas o Bateas, Furgones, Graneleros y otros. En la actualidad tenemos experiencia en coordinación logística de Transporte y entrega de una gran categoría de productos pasando desde tuberías hasta fertilizantes y materia prima de importantes Empresas a nivel mundial.

Coordinación Logística de Transporte de Carga Liviana

Para esta unidad nuestra Organizacion ha desarrollado unos focos de negocio entre las Zonas Metropolitanas principales y otras ciudades, con aliados propietarios de vehículos Doble eje, 750, 600, NPR, 350 y pick up, para la coordinación logística de transporte de productos que por sus necesidades y características necesiten ser trasladados desde los centros de Distribución hasta a los puntos de ventas o clientes finales,  nuestra experiencia dentro de esta categoría se refiere a una gran cantidad de clientes.

Coordinación Logística de Transporte de Carga Extra-Dimensionada 

Esta es una División que creó nuestra Organizacion debido a los requerimientos a nivel mundial y a las necesidades del mercado para el transporte de mercancías, que por sus características especiales de Ancho, Largo, Altura y Peso, no son comunes, ya que necesitan vehículos y maquinarias especializadas para su movilización. Para este tipo de unidad de negocios nuestra Organizacion maneja esta división operando en rutas y equipos idóneos para el traslado y recepción contando con experiencia en todo tipo de Lowboy.

Coordinación Logística de Izajes

Esta es una Division enfocada a prestar el servicio de Izajes con Gruas Telescopicas y todo tipo de Montacargas desde una tonelada hasta 1.000 toneladas. Este servicio es un complemento muy importante para los servicios de transporte de carga.

Alquiler de todo tipo de Maquinaria

Esta es una Division enfocada a prestar el servicio de alquiler de todo tipo de Maquinarias para la Industria y la Construccion, lo cual satisface importantes requerimientos de nuestros clientes de Coordinacion Logistica.



Areas of Influence / Zonas de Influencia
Condado de Adams Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Alexander Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Boone Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Brown Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Calhoun Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Carroll Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Cass Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Champaign Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Christian Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Clark Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Clay Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Clinton Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Cook Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Crawford Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Cumberland Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de DeKalb Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de DeWitt Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Douglas Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Edwards Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Effingham Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Fayette Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Ford Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Franklin Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Fulton Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Gallatin Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Greene Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Grundy Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Hamilton Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Hancock Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Hardin Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Henderson Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Henry Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Jackson Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Jasper Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Jefferson Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Johnson Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Kane Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Kendall Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Knox Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Lake Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Lawrence Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Lee Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Livingston Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Logan Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Macon Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Madison Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Marion Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Marshall Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Mason Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de McHenry Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de McLean Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Menard Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Mercer Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Monroe Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Montgomery Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Morgan Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Perry Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Pike Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Pope Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Pulaski Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Putnam Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Randolph Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Richland Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Rock Island Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Saline Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Schuyler Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Scott Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Shelby Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de St. Clair Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Stark Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Tazewell Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Union Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Vermilion Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Wabash Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Warren Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Washington Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Wayne Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de White Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Williamson Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Winnebago Illinois , Illinois,
Condado de Woodford Illinois , Illinois,
Albany Park Chicago , Illinois,
Altgeld Gardens Chicago  , Illinois,
Andersonville Chicago   , Illinois,
Archer Heights Chicago   , Illinois,
Armour Square Chicago   , Illinois,
Ashburn Chicago   , Illinois,
Ashburn Estates  Chicago  , Illinois,
Auburn Gresham  Chicago  , Illinois,
Avalon Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Avondale  Chicago  , Illinois,
Avondale Gardens Chicago   , Illinois,
Back of the Yards Chicago  , Illinois,
Belmont Central Chicago   , Illinois,
Belmont Gardens Chicago   , Illinois,
Belmont Heights  Chicago  , Illinois,
Belmont Terrace Chicago   , Illinois,
Beverly Chicago   , Illinois,
Beverly View Chicago   , Illinois,
Beverly Woods Chicago   , Illinois,
Big Oaks  Chicago  , Illinois,
Boystown Chicago   , Illinois,
Bowmanville Chicago   , Illinois,
Brainerd  Chicago  , Illinois,
Brickyard  Chicago  , Illinois,
Bridgeport Chicago   , Illinois,
Brighton Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Bronzeville Chicago   , Illinois,
Bucktown Chicago   , Illinois,
Budlong Woods Chicago   , Illinois,
Buena Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Burnside Chicago   , Illinois,
Cabrini–Green Chicago   , Illinois,
Calumet Heights  Chicago  , Illinois,
Canaryville Chicago   , Illinois,
Central Station Chicago   , Illinois,
Chatham  Chicago  , Illinois,
Chicago Lawn  Chicago  , Illinois,
Chinatown Chicago   , Illinois,
Chrysler Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Clarendon Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Clearing East Chicago   , Illinois,
Clearing West  Chicago  , Illinois,
Cottage Grove Heights Chicago   , Illinois,
Cragin Chicago   , Illinois,
Crestline  Chicago  , Illinois,
Dearborn Homes Chicago   , Illinois,
Dearborn Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Douglas Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Dunning  Chicago  , Illinois,
East Beverly Chicago   , Illinois,
East Chatham  Chicago  , Illinois,
East Garfield Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
East Hyde Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
East Pilsen Chicago   , Illinois,
East Side Chicago   , Illinois,
East Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Eden Green  Chicago  , Illinois,
Edgebrook  Chicago  , Illinois,
Edgewater Chicago   , Illinois,
Edgewater Beach Chicago   , Illinois,
Edgewater Glen  Chicago  , Illinois,
Edison Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Englewood  Chicago  , Illinois,
Fernwood  Chicago  , Illinois,
Fifth City Chicago   , Illinois,
Ford City Chicago   , Illinois,
Forest Glen  Chicago  , Illinois,
Fuller Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Fulton River District Chicago   , Illinois,
Gage Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Galewood  Chicago  , Illinois,
The Gap Chicago   , Illinois,
Garfield Ridge  Chicago  , Illinois,
Gladstone Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Gold Coast  Chicago  , Illinois,
Golden Gate  Chicago  , Illinois,
Goose Island Chicago   , Illinois,
Graceland West Chicago   , Illinois,
Grand Boulevard Chicago   , Illinois,
Grand Crossing  Chicago  , Illinois,
Greater Grand Crossing Chicago   , Illinois,
Greektown Chicago   , Illinois,
Gresham  Chicago  , Illinois,
Groveland Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Hamilton Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Hanson Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Heart of Chicago  Chicago  , Illinois,
Hegewisch Chicago   , Illinois,
Hermosa  Chicago  , Illinois,
Hollywood Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Homan Square  Chicago  , Illinois,
Humboldt Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Hyde Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Illinois Medical District  Chicago  , Illinois,
Irving Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Irving Woods Chicago   , Illinois,
The Island  Chicago  , Illinois,
Jackowo  Chicago  , Illinois,
Jackson Park Highlands  Chicago  , Illinois,
Jefferson Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
K-Town  Chicago  , Illinois,
Kelvyn Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Kennedy Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Kensington Chicago   , Illinois,
Kenwood  Chicago  , Illinois,
Kilbourn Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Kosciuszko Park (The Land of Koz) Chicago  , Illinois,
Lake Meadows  Chicago  , Illinois,
Lake View Chicago   , Illinois,
Lake View East Chicago   , Illinois,
Lakewood / Balmoral  Chicago  , Illinois,
LeClaire Courts Chicago  , Illinois,
Legends South (Robert Taylor Homes) Chicago   , Illinois,
Lilydale Chicago   , Illinois,
Lincoln Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Lincoln Square  Chicago  , Illinois,
Lithuanian Plaza Chicago   , Illinois,
Little Italy Chicago   , Illinois,
Little Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Logan Square Chicago   , Illinois,
Longwood Manor  Chicago  , Illinois,
The Loop Chicago   , Illinois,
Lower West Side Chicago  , Illinois,
Loyola Chicago   , Illinois,
Magnificent Mile  Chicago  , Illinois,
Margate Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Marquette Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Marshall Square Chicago   , Illinois,
Marynook Chicago   , Illinois,
Mayfair  Chicago  , Illinois,
McKinley Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Merchant Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Montclare Chicago   , Illinois,
Morgan Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Mount Greenwood Chicago   , Illinois,
Museum Campus  Chicago  , Illinois,
Near East Side Chicago   , Illinois,
Near North Side Chicago   , Illinois,
Near West Side Chicago   , Illinois,
New Chinatown Chicago   , Illinois,
New City  Chicago  , Illinois,
Noble Square Chicago   , Illinois,
North Austin Chicago   , Illinois,
North Center Chicago   , Illinois,
North Halsted Chicago   , Illinois,
North Kenwood  , Illinois,
North Lawndale Chicago   , Illinois,
North Mayfair  Chicago  , Illinois,
North Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Nortown  Chicago  , Illinois,
Norwood Park East  Chicago  , Illinois,
Norwood Park West Chicago   , Illinois,
Oakland  Chicago  , Illinois,
O'Hare  Chicago  , Illinois,
Old Edgebrook Chicago   , Illinois,
Old Irving Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Old Norwood Chicago   , Illinois,
Old Town  Chicago  , Illinois,
Old Town Triangle Chicago   , Illinois,
Oriole Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Palmer Square  Chicago  , Illinois,
Park Manor Chicago   , Illinois,
Park West Chicago   , Illinois,
Parkview  Chicago  , Illinois,
Peterson Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Pill Hill  Chicago  , Illinois,
Pilsen Chicago   , Illinois,
Polish Downtown  Chicago  , Illinois,
Polish Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Portage Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Prairie Avenue Historic District Chicago   , Illinois,
Prairie Shores  Chicago  , Illinois,
Princeton Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Printer's Row Chicago   , Illinois,
Pulaski Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Pullman Chicago   , Illinois,
Ranch Triangle  Chicago  , Illinois,
Ravenswood Chicago   , Illinois,
Ravenswood Gardens Chicago   , Illinois,
Ravenswood Manor Chicago   , Illinois,
River North Chicago   , Illinois,
River West  Chicago  , Illinois,
River's Edge Chicago   , Illinois,
Riverdale Chicago   , Illinois,
Rogers Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Roscoe Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Rosehill Chicago   , Illinois,
Roseland  Chicago  , Illinois,
Rosemoor Chicago   , Illinois,
Saint Ben's  Chicago  , Illinois,
Sauganash Chicago   , Illinois,
Schorsch Forest View Chicago   , Illinois,
Schorsch Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Scottsdale Chicago   , Illinois,
Sheffield Neighbors Chicago   , Illinois,
Sheridan Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Sheridan Station Corridor  Chicago  , Illinois,
Sleepy Hollow Chicago   , Illinois,
Smith Park Chicago   , Illinois,
South Austin Chicago   , Illinois,
South Chicago Chicago   , Illinois,
South Commons  Chicago  , Illinois,
South Deering Chicago   , Illinois,
South East Ravenswood Chicago   , Illinois,
South Edgebrook  Chicago  , Illinois,
South Lawndale Chicago   , Illinois,
South Loop Chicago   , Illinois,
South Shore  Chicago  , Illinois,
Stateway Gardens  Chicago  , Illinois,
Stony Island Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Streeterville  Chicago  , Illinois,
Talley's Corner Chicago   , Illinois,
Tri-Taylor  Chicago  , Illinois,
Ukrainian Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Union Ridge  Chicago  , Illinois,
University Village Chicago   , Illinois,
Uptown  Chicago  , Illinois,
The Villa Chicago   , Illinois,
Vittum Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
Wacławowo Chicago   , Illinois,
Washington Heights Chicago   , Illinois,
Washington Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Wentworth Gardens Chicago   , Illinois,
West Beverly  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Chatham Chicago   , Illinois,
West Chesterfield Chicago   , Illinois,
West DePaul  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Elsdon  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Englewood Chicago   , Illinois,
West Garfield Park Chicago   , Illinois,
West Humboldt Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Lakeview Chicago   , Illinois,
West Lawn  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Loop Chicago   , Illinois,
West Morgan Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Pullman Chicago   , Illinois,
West Ridge Chicago   , Illinois,
West Rogers Park  Chicago  , Illinois,
West Town Chicago   , Illinois,
West Woodlawn Chicago   , Illinois,
Wicker Park Chicago   , Illinois,
Wildwood  Chicago  , Illinois,
Woodlawn  Chicago  , Illinois,
Wrightwood  Chicago  , Illinois,
Wrightwood Neighbors Chicago   , Illinois,
Wrigleyville Chicago   , Illinois,
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